ППВ — installation wire
Длительно допустимая температура в процессе эксплуатации 90ºС
Срок службы не менее 45 лет
Core materialcopper
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Core - consists of two or three parallel laid soft aluminum wires
Insulation - insulation of PVC plastic. Colors — white, gray, yellow, orange, red, pink, blue, green, brown, black, purple and yellow-green (for single-core wires with a cross section of up to 6 mm2)
Назначение for transmission and distribution of electricity in overhead power lines and branches to inputs to residential buildings and outbuildings
Условия эксплуатации и монтажа

Operating and installation conditions


laying-in hollow channels of building structures, mounting boxes, trays, pipes, as well as in harnesses inside distribution accounts, electrical cabinets and control panels of equipment;

gasket temperature-not less than -15 °C;

mounting bending radii — at least 10 diameters;

Operating conditions-ambient temperature up to -50 °C and relative humidity

air humidity up to 100% at temperatures up to +35 °C;

long-term permissible core heating temperature-no more than 70 °C;

the service life under normal operating conditions is at least 15 years

Электрические характеристики
Наименования характеристики Значение
the electrical resistance of conductors on a length of 1 km at 20 °C, Ohmnot more than 0.02800
insulation resistance at 20 °C, kOm / km, at leastfor acceptance and delivery-1000
insulation resistance at 20 °C, kOm / km, at least for the period of operation and storage-10

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