КСВВ – cable with single-wire copper wires
Длительно допустимая температура в процессе эксплуатации 90ºС
Срок службы не менее 45 лет
Core - multi-wire, twisted from solid aluminum wires.
Insulation - insulating PVC plastic material
The shell - is PVC plastic. Color: Black or white
Назначение KSPV-cable with single-wire copper cores with a diameter of 0.40, 0.50, 0.64, 0.80 mm, with insulation made of a composition of polyethylene and a shell made of white PVC plastic, is intended for internal stationary laying.
Условия эксплуатации и монтажа

Operating conditions of the KSPV cable:
• Environment-from minus 40°C to plus 70°C, under conditions of installation bends-up to 0°C, high humidity – up to 98% at temperatures up to 35°C.
• Minimum bending radius – 10 nominal outer cable diameters
• The minimum service life of the cable is 15 years.

Электрические характеристики
Наименования характеристики Значение
0.40 мм 148.0
0.50 мм 94.0
64 мм 58.0
80 мм 36.0
Электрическое сопротивление изоляции жил на длине 1 км при t = 20°С не менее 6500 МОм
for unshielded cables chains "core-core" 60 nF/km60 nF/km
for shielded cables chains "cor-core" – 80 nF/km "core – screen" 120 nF/km120 nF/km

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