Twisted pair cable UTP, FTP, Cat 6
Длительно допустимая температура в процессе эксплуатации 90ºС
Срок службы не менее 45 лет
Назначение The cable is designed for reliable signal transmission in structured cabling systems for computer networks, complex communication systems, and video surveillance systems. For fixed installation in dry and wet areas on the outer walls of buildings, to hidden and open installation.
Условия эксплуатации и монтажа

4-pair (8-core) Category 6 cable for use in local data networks: PBX, on V. 11, X. 21 and ISDN networks, and Ethernet (10BASE-T), ATM-25/52/155 Mbit / s, 100VG-AnyLAN, Fast Ethernet (100BASE-TX), Marker ring 16/100 Mbit / s, Gigabit Ethernet (1000Base-T), 100 Mbit/s FireWire port.

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