АКВВГ — cabel control
Длительно допустимая температура в процессе эксплуатации 90ºС
Срок службы не менее 45 лет
Core materialaluminum
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The screen ismissing
The armor ismissing
Core - single-wire made of soft aluminum wires
Insulation - insulating PVC plastic material
Core - twisted from 4, 5, 7, 10, 14, 19, 27, 37, 52 or 61 isolated cores
Belt insulation - spirally applied tape made of PET film
Shell - hose made of light-and heat-resistant PVC plastic
Назначение for fixed connection to electrical devices, apparatuses, terminal assemblies of electrical switchgears with rated AC voltage up to 660 V frequency up to 100 Hz or DC voltage up to 1000 V.
Условия эксплуатации и монтажа

Operating and installation conditions
operating temperature–40 to +50 °C;
the minimum service life under normal operating conditions is 20 years when laying in the ground, 25 years when laying in rooms, channels and tunnels;
preferred applications are in rooms, channels and tunnels. It is allowed to lay in the open air, provided that it is protected from mechanical damage and direct sunlight, as well as to lay in the ground while ensuring
their protection in places of access to the surface;
gasket temperature-not less than -15 °C;
the size of the mounting bends — not less than 6 diameters along the shell.

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