А — non-insulated wire
Длительно допустимая температура в процессе эксплуатации 90ºС
Срок службы не менее 45 лет
Core materialaluminum
The placeholderis missing
The screenis missing
The armoris missing
The core - is multi-wire, twisted from solid aluminum wires.
Назначение Transmission of electrical energy in overhead electrical networks on land in all macroclimatic areas with temperate and cold climates.
Условия эксплуатации и монтажа
  • Laying — by air on the poles of power lines in accordance with the rules of the device of electrical installations and the rules of technical operation of power stations and networks;
  • Operating temperature – from -60 to +40 °C;
  • Long-term permissible core heating temperature during operation — no more than 90 °C;
  • Service life — at least 45 years
Электрические характеристики
Наименования характеристики Значение
Electrical resistivity of the wire material at a temperature of 20 °COm·mm2/m-no more than 0.0283
Temperature coefficient of electrical resistance at constant massat 1 °C-0.00403
Temporary tear resistanceMPa (N / mm2) - 160-195

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