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The enterprise JV LLC ARTIKUL AZIYA KABEL was founded in 2013 and produces a wide range of cable and wire products using modern technological equipment. Today our enterprise is one of the leading cable factories in Uzbekistan. The company specializes in the production of power cables, installation and household wires. In addition, JV ARTIKUL AZIYA KABEL LLC offers its customers bare wires for overhead power lines and copper wire. The company continues to successfully develop, master new directions and strives to take leading positions in them. The enterprise plans to master new types of products, including enameled wires and fiber-optic cables.
1000+ product brands
2000+ tons of copper per year
3000+ km of cable per month
The total nomenclature of the plant currently includes more than 1000 brand sizes. The priority in the development of JV ARTIKUL AZIYA KABEL LLC is the production of high-quality products at competitive prices, which has become a guarantee of the company's market attractiveness. The plant produces not only standard cable products, but also various special cables and wires, taking into account the special technical requirements of the customer. Specialists of JV ARTIKUL AZIYA KABEL LLC are ready to develop cable and wire products, taking into account your needs and to organize the production of industrial batches of products. An accredited testing center on the territory of the enterprise conducts tests of cable products. The technology group carries out continuous work on the introduction of the latest technical developments into the technological process. The availability of modern technological equipment allows you to control the characteristics of the products. We guarantee that the products supplied to you comply with technical standards. batchesbaCH batch: варианты перевода Имя СуществительноеЧастота партия party, game, batch, lot, part, installment пакет package, packet, pack, batch, parcel, bundle серия series, range, batch, part, suite, chapter группа group, party, bunch, class, series, batch загрузка loading, download, downloading, charge, batch замес batch шихта charge, batch, stock пачка pack, packet, tutu, package, sheaf, batch кучка knot, parcel, batch количество хлеба batch, baking замес бетона batch партия выпеченного хлеба batch количество выпекаемого хлеба batch беч batch Глагол группировать программы batch пакетировать batch batch – определения Имя Существительное 1 a quantity or consignment of goods produced at one time. the company undertakes thirty-six separate quality control checks on every batch Глагол 1 arrange (things) in sets or groups. batches – примеры the company undertakes thirty-six separate quality control checks on every batch Другие примеры (2) batch – синонимы Имя Существительное groupquantitylotbunchmassclusterraftsetcollectionbundleseriesnumberconsignmentshipmentpackcrowdbandaccumulationassemblageaggregateaggregationconglomeration
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